Two months into Hopin in Strategic Finance — how it’s going

I started at Hopin as a Strategic Finance Analyst on Monday 17th August, 2020. On paper, it certainly doesn’t sound like a long time ago but somehow I feel like I’ve been here for perhaps 3x the time. While I don’t think anyone has had a particularly linear sense of time in 2020, feeling settled in at Hopin is a more palpable feeling that’s quite comforting and adds a generous dose of excitement to a year like this.

I’d love to share a few early thoughts about the working culture, the hustle mentality and my humble take on the people that make Hopin.

Here are 5 of my learnings from my experience here so far.

  1. Remote work does work, and if done well, you might feel better connected to your colleagues than “on prem”
    A big part of settling in quickly was certainly the low-ego, everyone speaking to everyone, a wonderfully active Slack channel and get-to-know-you vibe. Helping each other along a path to scale sounds obvious, but I haven’t heard it all too often. It’s a great feeling to know I can drop someone a message or call them when I need help and they will step up to the mark, no matter how “senior” or “junior”, there’s no real place for heirarchy at Hopin. When you solve a problem together, you bond.
  2. There’s always more you can be doing, and collaborating is way better
    Most of my previous roles, I was working in an investment or advisory capacity, running analysis on multiple companies. Focusing on one might sound narrow after that but it’s actually broader (and deeper) because you’re involved in so many workstreams and conversations — in the past seven days, I’ve collaborated with PeopleOps, Marketing, BizOps, GTM leads, customer support, customer success and specific engineering teams — even just writing that made me think “woah”.
  3. You will drop the ball sometimes
    Hopin is still at an early-stage in terms of age — there’s so much greenfield opportunity to make a change, optimise, innovate further (of course) that it’s easy to get overstretched. I’ve learnt that I will drop the ball, I’m human and people get it. We’re forever behind the headcount that we need to be — that’s the shadow of high growth and scale.
  4. Everyone is invested in the business’s performance
    This might be a once-in-a-career opportunity, not just for me but for all Hopineers — we’re all in it together and everyone wants to know (and understand) our KPIs, growth, performance, benchmarking. Strategic Finance (and indeed, the entire Finance ethos at Hopin) does not have a back-office mentality — I ❤ that.
  5. I love the product, roadmap and our mission - it makes a difference
    There’s something quite natural about Hopin, to understand why it exists and what the platform delivers to organisers and attendees. To witness the delivery of authentic connection without limitations. When you not only have context on SaaS metrics, but you’re totally bought into the “why” it makes modelling the business, defining KPIs, optimising customer data structures and anything else you have to do 💯 times better. I do my work with a conviction and energy that pulls me through a challenge, long day or something that might feel insurmountable.

I have a lot more to contribute to Hopin, and to learn from the journey, but it’s better shared. We’re looking to expand our Strategic Finance team with another Strategic Finance Analyst — if you liked what you read and it resonated with you, I cannot wait to hear from you.
We’re hiring for a number of other roles in Finance including Accounting Manager, Global Payroll Manager (did you know we have employees in 32 countries, and counting?) and FinanceOps Manager.

For more about Hopin and all our job postings across the business, please go to the Hopin Careers Page — we can’t wait to have you onboard! 🚀

To connect with me, I’m on LinkedIn and Twitter. Thank you for reading! 🙏🏾
Views expressed here are my own.




London-born Gujarati. Interested in books, strategy games, business, tech, food & culture.

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Jannat Shah

Jannat Shah

London-born Gujarati. Interested in books, strategy games, business, tech, food & culture.

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